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Conference on transformation and challenges in people management

Conference “… And now that we have undergone transformation, what are the new challenges in people management?  Organized by APD and People Excellence.

Indicators of an optimistic economic recovery scenario are now more numerous leaving behind those moments when the adoption of decisions full of adjustments took up day-to-day business of companies. In this new scenario many companies have made their most to do their homework and transform themselves into more efficient and competitive organizations. But what are the new rules of the game that they will have to incorporate from now on? Are companies and teams ready to face this new environment? What will be the leverages that organizations will have to use to successfully achieve the challenges associated to their transformation processes, guaranteeing the highest impact on results?

These are the issues that focus the conference “…And now that we have undergone transformation….what are the new challenges in people management?” organized by APD and People Excellence, where CEOs and HHRR directors of reference companies have spoken about two key pillars for transformation: people and organizational efficiency.

In his presentation, Santiago de Miguel, CEO of People Excellence, has claimed that organizational transformation is “the key of their competitiveness” and has reminded us of the difference between adaptation and transformation; “to adapt to something is to survive and to transform oneself is to remain being competitive”. “Transformation –to the best of his knowledge- is a process whereby a Company substantially modifies the way it does things to efficiently respond to its environment”.

Javier Cuesta, Chairman of the Spanish National Post Service, has inaugurated the conference with a speech on opportunities in the new economic and corporate context describing the transformation process of this organization with some key pillars such as operational efficiency, organizational development, innovation or people. “No matter how much effort we make on HHRR, it will never be enough”.

The conference has run along three roundtables. In roundtable one, Sebastián Muriel, Vice-president of Corporate Development of Tuenti, José Ma Cervera, General Director for Spain and Portugal of Makro and Luis de Torres, General Director for Spain and Portugal of Sodexo have discussed the different strategic priorities in the transformation of companies.

Roundtable two, “First pillar for transformation: organizational efficiency” was attended by Rafael Gómez, Director of Human Resources of Syngenta, Ana Lara, Director of Human Resources of Diageo, Susana Sierra, Director of Human Resources of JTI Iberia and Begoña Trasancos, Director of Human Resources of Amadeus España. As they all explained, transformation implies evolution towards new ways of doing things. It is possible to evolve with the same people, “you only need a plan to do so”. This roundtable has also presented the value of the different behaviours, of communication with employees and of the measurement and follow-up of transformation processes.

Roundtable three, “Second pillar for transformation: people” has dealt with two issues: talent and leadership and culture and values. This roundtable was attended by Gabriel de Diego, Director of Corporate Culture of Telefónica, Óscar Rivera, Executive Development and Cultural Transformation Manager of Grupo CMI and Luis Meseguer, Director of Corporate Human Resources of Sanitas.

According to Pablo González from People Excellence, nowadays it is no longer important to attract and retain talent: “The key issue regarding talent nowadays is its correct identification and its role to achieve organizational transformation”

People Excellence and Universidad Europea present a Manager Development Program

People Excellence and Universidad Europea present the new Manager Development Program, a postgraduate highly linked to middle management and people with high potential. With a 100-hours duration and an executive format, it will start next May with a duration of one weekend per month, on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Manager Development” is a Master course addressed to professionals with corporate experience who wish to achieve projection in their professional career and opt to management positions. Those who attend the program will learn how to become professionals with a global overview, integrated in the company favouring their performance in management positions with reliability and security guarantees in their decisions.

Therefore, this postgraduate will delve into the most important areas of knowledge for the corporate management process: management and strategic planning, finances, marketing, operations, innovation, internal and external communication, human resources management, leadership and roles of managers, staff management, increasing moreover competencies and personal skills through the development of management skills.

The program is organized around two main areas: corporate skills and knowledge. Those interested please contact

People Excellence collaborates with Mediterranean Challenge, an initiative to “fight and motivate” against cancer.

People Excellence collaborates as sponsor with Mediterranean Challenge, a challenge -200 km swimming, on rescue board and skiing- in favour of the Spanish Association against Cancer.

Mediterranean Challenge is a challenge presented by Javier del Cerro, a 18 year old guy who wanted to do something special and supportive. Javier aimed to achieve this challenge to honour all people who fight against cancer every day and decided to earmark all funds collected from the challenge to the Spanish Association against Cancer.

Javier along with another 3 lifeguard colleagues have issued themselves the challenge to cover a total of 200km from Menorca to Barcelona. “It will be our first challenge, full of struggle and toughness, but above all of excitement and motivation to outdo ourselves”.

The blog “Hablamos del talento” (Let’s talk talent) receives over 5,000 visits

The blog already receives over 5,000 visits a month. The blog was born of the need to periodically share with our clients—and anyone else who may find it interesting or useful—our knowledge and experience in different aspects of the transformation of talent and leadership within organizations.

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